Tides of the star

Fortune seekers to north harbor!

The party has gathered in the Whispering Squid (it was some w word about making noise…). Having rested for some time from the latest job they are ready to fill their purses. On the third mention of a quest (it’s always the third time, don’t ask me why) the party sets forth to question the captain of the guard about the 75gp bounty on Mark the Red. After some inconsequential conversation they discern that the crown mustn’t be too closely associated with the capture of Mark the Red, though they are unsure why… With the only lead to Mark’s location vague they set forth in seek of Peter who dwells in the town of North harbor.

They join with a caravan and are paid in return with protecting the caravan. The 2gp per day will surely aid our intrepid adventurers in the days to come!

On third morning they are attacked by fish like creatures. The creatures are voracious and attack without a thought to their own survival until, rather ominously, a conch is sounded, calling them back to the depths. But for how long?and to what nefarious purpose? We can only assume it is not for breakfast!!!



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