Tides of the star

Hunting Mark the Red

A duo, Larz the lizard and Erandil, arrive in North Harbour a couple hours before nightfall. They seek out the local tavern and from there determine the location of Peter. Initial questions with Peter lead nowhere though with acute elven insight the duo determines Peter is indeed hiding something. Aggressive negotiations begin and Peter reveals that he has less than reputable dealings with the Black Tides and their flag ship The Flying Duchesse. The party manages to cause only minor disturbances of the peace an avoid getting the town guard involved.
Swimming out to the nearby lighthouse Larz determines that Mark the Red has a reputation with seagoing folk. It’s rumored that the bandit captain has a hideout accessible by sea somewhere north of here.
Masquerading as laborers the party sets sail. Once out to sea they hire the ship to carry them northwards. Near midday they spot a shack on the coast and convince the ship to bring them ashore and wait.
Once ashore they scout the area and find 3 bandits near a building which buts up against a large rock outcropping. Setting a trap they ambush the bandits give them “the clap”; teyanage to keep one alive for questioning. With 3 other men inside the party decides against a frontal assault without more numbers. Instead they mangle one corpse with cuts and squeeze the entrails and blood all over the ground of te headless bandit before tossing him to the sea. They make a captive of he surviving bandit and ultimately leave him grievously injured at the lighthouse with a drunken sailor.



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